Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan

A word from our President/CEO

Here at Dr. J Enterprises, we provide comprehensive, flexible, and personalized solutions for our clients with the power to link together everything from healthcare and HR, to learning and development, IT, cybersecurity, and automation all in a single location to ensure maximum efficiency, usability, and success.

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan

A word from our President/CEO & Principal Director, Dr. S. L. Jordan, Sr., Ph.D., Ed.D.

“Aristotle said it right when he said, ‘The roots of education are bitter…….but the fruit is sweet.’ I’m a firm believer that with education comes success, which is why we work so hard each and every day to provide our clients with the education that they need to grow their businesses, pursue their missions, and accomplish their dreams. Education is a broad term that can be bigger than knowledge – we provide agile, flexible, and customized business solutions specifically designed to cater to the individual needs of each of our clients. From there, they gain the knowledge, expertise, and understanding that they need to apply what we’ve provided them to their own operations. Together, we strategically leverage the power of knowledge, education, and application to ensure success.

And let’s face it – the fruit of success is as sweet as anything else that this world has to offer.”

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Welcome to Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, where innovation meets expertise. We are a minority-owned, disabled veteran small business specializing in top-tier consulting across various industries in the United States, with expertise in coaching, telehealth, psychotherapy, and more, all powered by strategic artificial intelligence.


Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
Jonpaul Betro No-Nonsense Business Consultant, Problem Solver and U.S. Patent Holder. IYAAYAS

I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Steven Jordan for any organization in search of an exceptional Program Manager, Mentor, and leader. Having collaborated with him on multiple projects spanning over seven years at VersaTech, I can attest to his unwavering dedication, remarkable skills, and inspirational leadership. Dr. Jordan's expertise in overseeing complex programs from inception to successful completion is truly commendable. His genuine passion for mentoring and nurturing individuals has been instrumental in guiding them towards reaching their full potential. With an approachable demeanor and exceptional communication skills, he empowers team members to grow both personally and professionally. The profound impact of his guidance and support on the careers of those fortunate enough to work with him cannot be overstated. Dr. Jordan's leadership style exemplifies a harmonious blend of vision, integrity, and empathy. He fosters a positive and inclusive work environment that inspires team members to consistently deliver their best. By setting clear expectations and providing continuous feedback, he motivates individuals to strive for excellence, resulting in remarkable achievements. Dr. Steven Jordan is an invaluable asset to any team or organization, and his contributions will undoubtedly drive exceptional results.

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
Felix P. Nater. CSC Certified Security Consultant / Advisor / Workplace Violence Prevention/ Manufacturing/Processing/Production

Dr. SL Jordan is a rarity among leaders. He personifies the meaning of the exceptional executive leader who not only understands the meaning of excellence but has an influential manner about him that creates appeal and attraction. Known for keeping his word, he walks the talk and talks the walk. His intuition senses when support is needed and when he offers it, he is relentlessly devoted. Seemingly tireless, having an uncanny appreciation for the long term, he insightfully considers the needs of the short term in assessing professional performance and capabilities. Demings would be very pleased with Dr. Jordan as a shining executive leadership example. Hi strength as a mentor in incomparable anticipating, promoting and encouraging selflessly. During my association with him in our business relationships, I’ve found Dr. Jordan to be goal-oriented, solution-focused, and inspirational to work with. Dr. J, is both a Business Associate and Friend worth his weight in gold. A consummate business leader, he considers helping others as an honor and privilege at least that is the impression he leaves me with. Knowing him has been a privilege. I look forward to growing that relationship in the future in other capacities. He is the enviable professional leader in his work, the ideal example of a knowledgeable executive who has a remarkable pulse on what’s happening now. Intuition and insight are his formidable success-oriented characteristics.

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
Wayne Carter CEO, Technology Entrepreneur and Consultant Focused in Healthcare IT, AI, Enterprise Infrastructure, Data Analytics Cloud Computing and Cyber Security- Active Secret Clearance

Dr. Jordan is a profound and extraordinary professional. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several multi-million dollar contracts with the U.S. Government in which he was the leader of the program. He was a great communicator with his team, which led to on time results for our client. I specifically remember our client requesting that he lead other multiple multi-million dollar contracts due to his proven success on past projects. Dr. Jordan is the person you definitely want on your team. He goes above and beyond the scope of work and delivers a superb product to clients. It has been an absolute pleasure to work along side him for the past five years and I look forward to our future collaborations.

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
John Anderjaska - MS, CISSP, MSSP Admin/Dev 2nd degree connection Chief Executive Officer at Ascension Enterprises, Inc

Dr. Jordan is a skilled management executive with extensive academic, business, and other professional credentials. He is very personable and is a pleasure to work with and has impeccable integrity and communication skills. I have known him to be insightful and an accomplished practitioner of critical thinking, psychology, and project management. He is an exceptional leader, author, coach, and problem-solver. I highly recommend him because he is a real game-changer.

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
Dennis LuPresto Chief Executive Officer at Ascension Enterprises, Inc

Director of Academic Technology @ California State University - Long Beach | MBA | PMP | Expanding Access to Education & Engaging all StudentsDirector of Academic Technology @ California State University - Long Beach | MBA | PMP | Expanding Access to Education & Engaging all Students April 29, 2020, Dennis worked with Steven on the same teamApril 29, 2020, Dennis worked with Steven on the same team Dr. Jordan is an inspirational, levelheaded leader with a cool, calm disposition and positive attitude. He has handled tough conversations and difficult situations with tact, an optimism for improvement, and guile to find win-win solutions. Dr. Jordan has had a profound effect on the way I conduct business, face adversary, and help others along the way. Working with him was super fantastic, and I hope the opportunity to do so again.

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
Kevin Kess Self Employed - Former Government Senior Executive

Dr. Jordan has a fascinating skillset and is a results-oriented servant leader. Both customers and colleagues value his insight and attitude that consistently lead to success! As a project manager, Dr. Jordan has turned around a once challenging environment into a smooth operation. He has single-handedly solidified VersaTech's reputation with his customers!

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
Steven J. Gold, PhD Academic Administration and Instructional Design

I had the good fortune of working closely with Dr. Steven Jordan for a year and half. As our Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Jordan's leadership created tremendous internal cohesion within our academic administrative team while building effective cross-functional relationships with other departments. Dr. Jordan's commitment to excellence in all things set the bar for everyone around him, Just as important, perhaps more so, Dr. J's relentlessly positive attitude and insistence on seeing serious organizational challenges as 'opportunities to excel' kept our teams focused and communicating during difficult times. Dr. J has an extraordinary ability to MOTIVATE and engage such that administrators, faculty, staff, and students all WANT to give their very best. Dr. J infused the school's culture with a sense of collective fun as well as meaningful purpose. He is an exceptional leader, a first-rate academic, and the kind of manager who challenges everyone to achieve at their highest level of personal excellence, while supporting their efforts and assuring that their needs are met. Dr. Jordan is the complete package as an academic leader. Providing vision, motivation, and direction Dr. Jordan keeps an 'attitude of gratitude'' that is simply infectious. Dr. J is one of the finest leaders I have ever worked with and I am a better person, beyond being a better administrator, for having known him.

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC, Dr J Enterprises LLC, Steven L Jordan
Dr. Kevin James President, Morris Brown College 2nd degree connection TEDx Speaker| Atlanta Business Chronicle Most Admired CEO, 2023| Leadership Atlanta| College President of the Year-Black Chamber Commerce| Top Black Higher Ed CEO To Watch, 2023, Forbes Magazine

Dr. Steven Jordan was a colleague of mine while at Strayer University while I was a Dean. He was a fantastic Academic Dean and leader of the Washington DC campus. Prior to that, he was my pastor at Daniel Circle Church located in Columbia, SC. Dr. Jordan is a consummate leader and professional, extremely hardworking and motivating as a leader, who knows how to delegate and extract the best attributes out of students, staff, faculty, and administrators alike. For his dedicated service, he was awarded the coveted Irving Strayer Award for superior leadership and customer service to our shareholders. Highly recommended higher education executive, professor, and religious leader.

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