Dr. J Enterprises, LLC., is a consulting firm strategically positioned to deliver agile solutions to federal and state government entities, as well as commercial private-sector clients in the core areas of healthcare, AV support, facilities, logistics, IT, cybersecurity, and automation. As a minority-owned, disabled veteran small business, we work with partners to deliver excellence – just how we were trained to do in our service to our country.

For us, nothing is more important than serving as a leader for our clients. Whether they’re looking for real, tangible solutions that help their business, or if they’re seeking advice on how to leverage a particular technology to help them achieve their goals, we’re always standing by ready to guide them, show them the way, and support them throughout every stage until we see the satisfaction on their faces when they achieve their goals.

Today, our primary objective is to guarantee superior outcomes for our clients in pursuit of their mission while ensuring an exceptional experience every step along the way.

Our Expertise

Throughout our time in business, we’ve developed extensive expertise across a wide range of important business processes, applications, and technologies that today’s enterprises use to achieve their goals. For instance, we work with healthcare enterprises to ensure that they have the technologies and solutions needed to keep their patients safe. We’ve worked with a number of government agencies to implement overarching cybersecurity protections to keep their data protected at all costs. We’ve even worked with a number of small businesses just like us to implement automated technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help them cut costs, save time, and drive efficiency and productivity throughout their workflow.

For Dr. J Enterprises, no order is too tall of a task for us to handle. We’re always standing ready to lead the way and serve with a passion in excellence.

Our Mission

At Dr. J Enterprises, our mission is simple – we’re endlessly focused on delivering innovative solutions with agility, integrity, and focus. When our clients contact us, we work to get to know them first. We strive to connect with their needs on a deeper level than ever before, so that we can deliver the agile solutions suited best for their purposes. From there, we strive to ensure an exceptional experience and a quality outcome that strategically positions our clients for success.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just a consulting firm – in our minds we serve as a dedicated strategic partner for our clients and an extension of their business. We provide quality solutions that create added value and ensure superior performance of their products and services through a wide range of solutions.