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When it comes to today’s businesses, nothing is more important than having a sound strategic plan that allows them to achieve their goals. Here at Dr. J Enterprises, we work with businesses on a deeper level than ever before to ensure that they have the knowledge, expertise, and strategies to reach their goals and strive for excellence.
It all begins with a plan.

Who We Are

Dr. J Enterprises, LLC., is a minority-owned disabled veteran small business offering consulting services across a wide range of industries and market applications within the United States. With our main focus on healthcare, human resources, learning and development, IT, cybersecurity, and automation, we work to bring each of these critical business processes together under one roof. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to help our clients excel in each area.

Our broad range of services includes everything from human resources, to employee coaching, to staffing solutions, administration, to support, to network solutions that help our clients leverage today’s technology to effectively communicate and drive success across the marketplace.

Together with our clients, we are focused on helping them achieve their goals through whatever means necessary. Your goals are our goals, and  we are ready to put you on a pathway towards success.

Excellence Is Our Hallmark, Service Is Our Passion

Today, we proudly work alongside federal and state government entities, in addition to clients within the commercial sector, to ensure that they have the resources they need to succeed. We flexibly deliver customized solutions specifically designed to target the unique needs of each client, while providing an exceptional experience throughout the entire span of our connection.

We are a passionate team of consultants, and we are always standing by ready to ensure that the experience of our clients is nothing short of exceptional.

Business Development Begins With Technology

Regardless of your industry, today’s business world begins with technology. For many of our clients, they either lack access to cutting-edge technologies that can help them drive efficiency throughout their organization, or they lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to implement these technologies within their current workflow.

At Dr. J Enterprises, we work with our clients to find the right technological solutions that help them streamline their workflow, drive efficiency throughout their organization, and ensure business effectiveness across all their departments.

Developing Your Workforce From The Inside Out

Whether it’s healthcare, human resources, coaching, or development, your workforce is always going to be the true bread and butter of your enterprise. Here at Dr. J Enterprises, we’re experts in the areas of leadership, coaching, and development, and we know just how to get the most out of your workforce.

As a veteran-owned business, we’ve spent our lives leading others in the barracks or in the field, and we know just what it takes to build a successful team. We work with our clients to ensure that their team functions as a single, cohesive unit – all with different tasks, yet working together towards the same common goal.

E-Book & Paperback Book

An Interview with the President and CEO, Dr. Jordan by Dr. K on the Doctor’s Corner. A must listen and get to know Dr. J…👍👍👍.

Information about The Doctor’s Corner

The Doctor’s Corner (TDC) is a podcast hosted by Dr. Katina Robertson (Dr. K), a proud United States Navy Veteran. TDC harnesses a double-focus with the primary focus: Veterans! We create a veteran awareness, informing veterans of all the resources that are available and specifically designed for them. Keeping veterans informed of alternative options when confronted with life’s challenges may reduce the thoughts of hopelessness and suicidal options.

Dr. K serves as an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University. Lending the second focus of TDC is to promote nationwide literacy. Unfortunately, only half U.S. adults can read above the 8th-grade reading level, so we encourage reading because reading is still fundamental.

Our Services

Excellent Service – Superior Results

& HR

Whether you’re a small clinic or a massive HR firm that services hundreds of clients, we leverage our expertise in leading healthcare and HR technologies to help you drive efficiency…

Information Technology
& Cybersecurity

In a world that is becoming increasingly focused on digital technology and the web, businesses need to be equipped with the necessary technologies to not only perform their operations…

Staffing, Mentoring,
& Business Development

When it comes to your staff, nothing can be more important than knowing that you’ve got the right team for the job. Here at Dr. J Enterprises, we can cover all of your staffing needs to ensure…