Dr. J Enterprises upholds the highest value standards in the entire industry. Led by our past experience in the military and by our current role as dedicated business consultants, we strive to deliver excellence in nearly everything that we do by embracing a strong set of values.


We coach leaders/supervisors how to develop the next generation of leaders by approaching them with an “asking” mode of development rather than a “telling” one. “Asking” what they think awakens innovation and instills trust and confidence.

Mentoring and Consulting

We teach our clients how to leverage technology, how to implement innovative solutions, and how to apply cutting-edge knowledge to ensure that they achieve their business goals.


“One is not living until he or she is giving.” We strive to give to others – through knowledge, through solutions, and through passion.


We’re here to serve our clients passionately and actively. Every step of the way, we’re proud to lend our knowledge and expertise to fulfil their goals.


We design innovative solutions that go beyond cookie-cutter applications. Our clients receive the personalized outcomes that they expect in a world of instant gratification.


We operate under a mindset of superior agility and unrivaled service. Together, we work to set our clients up on a path towards excellence.

LinkedIn Bio

Dr. Steven L. Jordan Sr., is a highly-skilled, dedicated, and accomplished education administrator, faculty member, and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in delivering sound strategic leadership, academic influencing, coaching, and personal development across a wide range of both public and private sector applications.

Throughout his extensive professional career, Dr. Jordan has developed a comprehensive expertise throughout the areas of human resource development, operations, strategic planning, business development, project management, learning and development, coaching and mentoring, information technology, automation technology, and facilities management.

As a retired US Army Officer with nearly 30 years of military service, Dr. Jordan’s proven ability to provide excellence, support, and leadership across all levels of a team or organization has made him a coveted asset not only to his previous organization, but also to his current clients through his consultancy firm, Dr. J Enterprises. Today, Dr. Jordan works to inspire his clients to excel, work collaboratively, and to embrace cutting-edge and innovative technological solutions that drive efficiency across the board for their organization.

A firm believer in agility, flexibility, and efficiency, Dr. Jordan is constantly looking to connect with his clients on a deeper level than ever before to ensure that they have the resources, knowledge, and understanding that they need of strategies, tools, and technologies to achieve their goals. With a passion for quality results and excellence, Dr. Jordan and his team are constantly focused on the goals of their clients because an effective leader embraces the goals of others – because their success is the only success required.

Dr. Steven L. Jordan Sr. holds a BA in Social Work from San Francisco State University, a BA in Education from San Francisco State University, a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling/Education from the Pacific School of Religion, a Ph.D. In Human Services from Capella University, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University.