Our President

A word from our President/CEO & Principal Director, Dr. S. L. Jordan, Sr., Ph.D., Ed.D.

“Aristotle said it right when he said, ‘The roots of education are bitter…….but the fruit is sweet.’ I’m a firm believer that with education comes success, which is why we work so hard each and every day to provide our clients with the education that they need to grow their businesses, pursue their missions, and accomplish their dreams. Education is a broad term that can be bigger than knowledge – we provide agile, flexible, and customized business solutions specifically designed to cater to the individual needs of each of our clients. From there, they gain the knowledge, expertise, and understanding that they need to apply what we’ve provided them to their own operations. Together, we strategically leverage the power of knowledge, education, and application to ensure success.

And let’s face it – the fruit of success is as sweet as anything else that this world has to offer.”