Dennis LuPresto

Interim Executive Director for Academic Technology Services at California State University, Long Beach

April 29, 2020, S.L. worked with Dennis in the same group

Dr. Jordan is an inspirational, levelheaded leader with a cool, calm disposition and positive attitude. He has handled tough conversations and difficult situations with tact, an optimism for improvement, and guile to find win-win solutions. Dr. Jordan has had a profound effect on the way I conduct business, face adversary, and help others along the way. Working with him was super fantastic, and I hope the opportunity to do so again.

John Anderjaska – MS, CISSP, MSSP Admin/Dev

Sr Solutions Architect/Developer – Visionary Innovator, Reiki Master

May 11, 2020, S.L. worked with John in the same group

Dr. Jordan is a skilled management executive with extensive academic, business, and other professional credentials. He is very personable and is a pleasure to work with and has impeccable integrity and communication skills. I have known him to be insightful and an accomplished practitioner of critical thinking, psychology, and project management. He is an exceptional leader, author, coach, and problem-solver. I highly recommend him because he is a real game-changer.

Lawrence Dunford

Professional Coach and Organizational Development Consultant

College of Executive Coaching, Parlam Consulting, LLC

January 28, 2020

Dr. J, You are a great mentor and quintessential leader. I wish you continued success.

Washington DC Metro

Lynn Burriss Webler

US Army Chaplain

January 28, 2020

Dr. Jordan is an excellent person, mentor with great attitude, empathy and compassion for others, an intellectual scholar and leader.

San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Shon Neyland

Senior Pastor at Highland Christian Center

July 4, 2017, Dr. Shon managed Steven directly

Dr. Steve Jordan is an outstanding leader and servant. He is gifted and has served at the highest levels in both the military and in the civilian capacity. He will be a great asset to any corporation.

Happy Valley, Oregon

Christa Peay

Communications & Marketing Coordinator at Howard County Economic Development Authority

October 18, 2016, Christa reported directly to Steven

A boss is someone who delegates work, a leader is some who uplifts their staff, establishes rapport, and pulls together the spiritual synergy of the team to reach exceeding levels of project excellence. Dr. Jordan is that exceptional leader who exudes a contagious positive energy, extremely high standards, and integrity. Dr. Jordan’s infectious positive energy stems from his mantra of all things being “super-fantastic” and keeping an attitude of gratitude, in which was adopted during his 28 years of military service as both an enlisted service member and officer. He is an outstanding team leader who has an extraordinary ability to uplift and encourage his team members to reach their full potential. Anyone with assertiveness can be a boss, but it takes more than just assertiveness, but a genuine influential spirit to be a leader, and Dr. Jordan is a very influential force on not only our team but our clients and company. If you’re looking for someone who will not only properly execute project actions and spearhead your mission but will boost the overall energy of your project and allow it to soar to new heights, Dr. Jordan will lead you to that pathway of success with a smile and firm grip. He is one of the finest leaders I have ever worked with, and it would be a privilege to work with him again.

Washington, DC

Shannon Boone

UX Analyst/Designer at VersaTech, Inc

July 2, 2016, Shannon reported directly to Steven

Dr. Jordan is an amazingly gifted strategic thinker and leader with impeccable management and communication skills. It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Jordan at VersaTech Inc. as he filled the role of Senior Project Manager. I’m glad to have met Dr. Jordan and was impressed by his always positive attitude in any situation, his ability to juggle multiple tasks while completing his post Doctoral Degree (Ed.D.) with his already earned two Ph.D.s, and his appreciative attitude towards his team. He is not only a great leader, but a great mentor who motivates his team for excellence is everything they do.

Impressed by his mission focused disposition and his communication skills, Dr. Jordan has also left a reputation of a professional closed out with our latest client that was rated at an A+ level based on accomplishments. Dr. Jordan earns my highest recommendation, and I am honored to have worked with him. I will miss his customized encouraging slogans, which always brought a smile to my face, but I’m sure we will cross paths in the future. He is truly a stellar performer and executive-level leader

Savage MD

Melissa Ward

Training and Instructional Design Active SECRET DoD CLEARANCE

June 30, 2016, Melissa reported directly to Steven

Dr. Jordan is a stellar leader with a can-do attitude. His attention to detail and quality of product are of a platinum standard. He worked diligently to turn around a struggling project and facilitated its transformation into a gold standard product that the client found outstanding. His smile and warm engaging personality is the icing on the cake.

Irvine, CA

Anna Tkach, CPA, MBA

Controller at Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation

January 12, 2016, Steven worked with Anna in the same group

It has been such an honor and pleasure to work with Dr. Jordan. His personality, professionalism and an overall positive attitude create a truly pleasant environment to work in. I look forward to many more years of working together!

Baltimore, MD

Angela Holmes, Ph.D.

Neuroscientist, Management Consultant and Outreach Manager

December 28, 2015, Angela reported directly to Steven

Dr. Jordan is an exceptional leader with a charismatic personality and a positive can-do attitude. Regardless, of the circumstances, I can trust him to lead by example, and to serve in excellence. He is an outstanding team leader who has an extraordinary ability to uplift and encourage his team members to reach their full potential. He is also dedicated to the success of his team by motivating them to not just merely meet deadlines, but to meet them with an exceptional quality of work. With Dr. Jordan’s guidance, the team always produces high quality work and generates solutions to tough problems. He is a strategic thinker, and problem solver who is solution focused and success driven. Dr. Jordan is the type of senior project manager that one can always count on because he not only completes tasks in a timely manner, but also goes above and beyond what is asked of him.

I am very grateful that I was the given the opportunity to join Dr. Jordan’s team and work directly with him. I highly recommend him with great confidence and enthusiasm

Washington DC Metro

Kevin Kess

Executive Vice President Of Delivery at VersaTech, Inc

December 23, 2015, Kevin was senior to Steven but didn’t manage directly

Dr. Jordan has a fascinating skillset and is a results-oriented servant leader. Both customers and colleagues value his insight and attitude that consistently lead to success! As a project manager, Dr. Jordan has turned around a once challenging environment into a smooth operation. He has single-handedly solidified VersaTech’s reputation with his customers!

Glen Burnie, MD

Wendy Brisley


Highly Recommended

Dr Jordan is an upbeat guy and detail-oriented. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend. Dr. Wendy Brisley

Dr. Rossano Gerald

Rvg International Consulting Firm

Highly Recommended

Dr. Jordan provides quality service to the client base.